Hell's Kitchen at the Shubert Theatre

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Hell's Kitchen

drama new

The Shubert Theatre
225 W. 44th Street
New York, NY

2 hrs, 30 mins

1 intermission

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About the show

There’s a place where the rhythm of the city is music, where every corner has a story, and every window is a kaleidoscope. Where a girl can step out of her apartment and find the world. That’s HELL’S KITCHEN, a new musical from 15-time Grammy® Award winner Alicia Keys that’s about to make Broadway feel brand new. 

"Enormously ambitious...Ali's discovery that art is love, with or without the guy, is too rich not to reach a bigger audience, and a million more girls on fire." - The New York Times 

"'Hell's Kitchen' is a sparkling story paying homage to New York, to that beautiful and heartbreaking transition between girlhood and womanhood and to the women who hold our hands through it all." - Variety

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