Hell's Kitchen at the Shubert Theatre

Shubert Theatre

Opened in 1913

225 W. 44th Street
New York, NY

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 8pm
Sunday: Noon - 6pm (When there is an evening performance, open until curtain.)

Theater History

The Shubert Theatre had its genesis in the New Theatre, an “art” playhouse located on Central Park West that was devoted to serious repertory drama. Although the project was a critical and commercial flop, the New Theatre Group, which included Lee Shubert, leased a plot of land between 44th and 45th street to construct a new venue. The plan was abandoned, but Lee Shubert and Winthrop Ames, a former New Theatre partner, acquired a lease for the site, and built two adjoining playhouses there. Lee and J.J. operated the larger of the two auditoriums, which they named the Sam S. Shubert Memorial Theatre to commemorate their brother, who had died in May 1905. Ames managed the smaller Booth Theatre.



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Restrooms are located in the Mezzanine and Balcony levels or one flight below the ground floor (20 steps).

Coat Check

Coat check is available. No strollers or furs.


Free Wi-Fi Available

Where is the stage door?

In Shubert Alley.


Junior's Restaurant and Bakery, 1515 Broadway. For other restaurant recommendations, read our article on the Best Theater District Restaurants!


Hell's Kitchen at the Shubert Theatre

Hell's Kitchen

There’s a place where the rhythm of the city is music, where every corner has a story, and every window is a kaleidoscope. Where a girl can step out of her apartment and find the world. That’s HELL’S KITCHEN, a new musical from 15-time Grammy® Award winner Alicia Keys that’s about to make Broadway feel brand new. 

"Enormously ambitious...Ali's discovery that art is love, with or without the guy, is too rich not to reach a bigger audience, and a million more girls on fire." - The New York Times 

"'Hell's Kitchen' is a sparkling story paying homage to New York, to that beautiful and heartbreaking transition between girlhood and womanhood and to the women who hold our hands through it all." - Variety


Best Seats in the House

The best views will be in the center orchestra and front mezzanine, but there are very few bad seats in this theater.

Number of Seats

1460 seats

Preview Seat View


Is there wheelchair accessible seating available?

Wheelchair accessible seating is located in the orchestra section.

Is there a wheelchair accessible restroom available?

No. An accessible restroom is available in Sardi's Restaurant across the street.

Are there assistive devices available?

Assistive listening, handheld captions, and prerecorded audio devices available free of charge. Photo ID is required.


When to arrive: Doors open roughly a half hour before showtime. Give yourself plenty of time to pick up tickets and find your seats. What to wear: Whatever makes you comfortable! Some people dress up for the theater, but there is no official dress code. Children under 4 are not permitted in the theater.

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